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You're probably thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?!"  Don't worry, you're not alone. Since day one, SpinSnips have not only provided the best nail care experience to the healthy and able. They've given many with flexibility problems, arthritis, carpal tunnel, injuries, and/or rigid nails the ability to care for themselves and their loved ones again. See our testimonials below!

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SpinSnips are some awesome nail cutters. They are great for your fingers or your toes - which mine are thicker and harder to cut than my fingernails. The rotating head makes it easy to cut any nail or grab a hangnail. They are comfortable and easy to use, they are also sturdy and well made. For your nails and your comfort while clipping I would recommend the SpinSnips nail cutters.

L. Groff

These are amazing. They snipped off my THICK acrylic nails like they were nothing. No more expensive trips to the nail salon for me....these are awesome! The swivel feature is a life saver when cutting toenails. No more contorting yourself to reach difficult areas. If you are hesitating...Don't

J. Hunt

It's usually an awkward struggle when it is time to cut my little boys' nails. These clippers were the solution to my problem. I can easily get to their tiny nails and get them trimmed quickly. The SpinSnips cut nice and clean. They are not too big for fingernails and they are not too small for toenails. The clippers are also easy to grip and have firm control of.

J. Ebron

In my opinion, the perfect nail clipper. SpinSnips are the best I have ever used. The swiveling cutter head is fantastic & very easy to change position. Very easy to use. Genius design. Cuts thick nails easily.

B. Link

These are great! The head swivels so you can comfortably cut your nails and see what you are doing. Because of the length of the handle, it is effortless. I don't have trouble with my hands, but could see these clippers being easy to use for someone who does. It was a good purchase.

E. Horwitz

Wow, I'm Impressed. The 360 degree rotating head is an awesome feature! I ordered these for my son who has trouble cutting his nails. I had him try these and it made it a lot easier for him. Thank you for putting out a great product! Genius, thank you!

J. Knepp

SpinSnips are great nail clippers. The all stainless steel construction makes them very sturdy and the swivel head makes cutting very easy in any direction. The handles you only have to press down a short ways for cutting. The cutters are very sharp and precise. These are great for anyone with carpal tunnel, arthritis and hand weakness. I will definitely recommend these to family/friends.

K. Sease

I really like these clippers! They are easy to hold and they to a great job. My nails are harder now that I am older and these clippers are a God send for me. I always had to go to the salon before; now I'm doing my own pedicures!!!

V. Langer


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